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  • CIS of Washington
  • Auburn, WA

Communities In Schools of Auburn is part of the nation’s largest dropout prevention network serving at risk youth in Auburn since 2001. We are currently seeking a dynamic leader to advance our local affiliate serving students across eight focus schools. The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring strong overall management and sustainability of the agency through strong internal operations, successful resource development and community building strategies. The Executive Director is responsible for implementing and adhering to National CIS Total Quality Standards.

Communities In Schools Overview

By bringing resources, services, parents and volunteers into schools, Communities In Schools creates a community of caring adults who work hand-in-hand with educators to make sure young people have the tools they need to stay in school and achieve in life. As the nation's largest dropout prevention organization, we serve nearly 1.5 million students in 2,300 schools.

Key Responsibilities


Agency Management

Daily Operations

Responsible for managing all activities and decisions regarding daily operations and office functions ensuring compliance with local, state and federal laws for a tax exempt non-profit corporation.  Responsible for developing an annual operations plan to ensure progress towards the board-developed strategic goals.  Builds trust and upholds the agency’s reputation as the representative in the community and ensures accountability to the mission.  Includes any other duties and responsibilities relating to the agency or operations as identified and directed by the board.

Board Relations

Reports directly to the board and works closely with the Board Chair to ensure agency effectiveness.  Assists with recruitment/engagement of board members.  Responsible for supporting board strategic planning processes; keeps board apprised of current program and community building efforts; engages them with resource development strategies, and provides sufficient information for them to fulfill policy and fiduciary responsibilities.

Financial Management

Works closely with the Board Treasurer to develop/oversee the financial management system to ensure appropriate fiscal controls.  Responsible for operating within approved fiscal policies and procedures, assists in developing an annual budget for board approval, ensures financial reports are produced for Board review and monitors activity to budget.  Provide the Treasurer and board with timely updates, including unplanned changes in the agency’s financial outlook.

Resource Development and Community Building

Resource Development

Responsible for implementing resource development activities which accesses diversified funding sources and ensures sufficient resources to develop and maintain necessary infrastructure, as well as secure and retain highly qualified service delivery staff to sustain and expand services.  Leads and coordinates all agency resource development efforts by leveraging board and staff support as appropriate for each activity. These resource activities include grant writing.

Community Engagement and Leadership

Responsible for providing or coordinating all outreach efforts and presentations as the primary liaison to community, business, education and social service groups.  Coordinates a public relations plan that includes connections with local media and ensures alignment of all marketing, messaging, collaterals, and social media efforts.

Program Management

Service Delivery Coordination

Responsible for understanding the CIS model and guiding the delivery of integrated student supports in local schools.  Maintains awareness of identified needs to ensure services are targeted and community resources are leveraged. Provides program management oversight and ensures site coordinators are supported by school leadership through strong communication and periodic site visits.  Implements program evaluation measures with ongoing assessments to determine program effectiveness and identify needed changes to increase impact.

Staff Supervision

Responsible for all facets of training, supervision, ongoing development and evaluation of agency staff.  Ensures the development of human resource policies and procedures and operates within approved policies and procedures as well as compliance with employment laws.  Implements effective staff support strategies and builds productive relationships based on mutual respect and open communication resulting in strong team cohesion. 

Relationship with School Districts

Responsible for developing strong relationships with school district leaders to ensure mutually beneficial partnerships, negotiate district contracts to ensure sustainable growth, and maintain communication regarding service delivery to ensure satisfactory progress with contract deliverables.

Essential Competencies of the Successful Candidate


  • Ability to develop plans with clear objectives and follow through to achieve goals; completes all assignments and meets agency goals utilizing innovation, flexibility, creativity, and persistence.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills; maintains multiple priorities in a complex/changing environment; addresses urgent situations while maintaining a focus on important goals of the organization.
  • Awareness of and ability to maximize strengths while addressing areas of weakness. 
  • Proven leadership skills with ability to encourage and support others’ effort towards mutual goals.
  • Ability to make independent decisions with available information and maintain strong organizational communication.  
  • Program management or direct service experience working with vulnerable populations; awareness of and sensitivity to the diverse needs of youth and families served.

Position Type:

Target Hire Date: Immediately