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John Nixon

Executive Director and Co-Head of BrokerTec, ICAP® (Retired)


John Nixon, until his retirement in Apr 2015, was the group Executive Director of ICAP Plc, with 40 years’ of international experience in the interdealer broking industry with ICAP and, previously, as CEO of Tullett and Tokyo Forex. He served as a Non Executive Director of ICAP Plc from 1998 to 2002 and was appointed an Executive Director in May 2008. John was a member of the ICAP Global Executive Committee from 2003 through to March 2015 with responsibility for a number of business divisions as well as corporate strategy, client and investor relations and strategic acquisitions. John lives in Rowayton CT, Palm Beach FL and Jackson WY and has two married children Chris and Katie. He holds a degree in Commerce from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, and has worked in the financial services industry in Toronto, London and New York. John joined Virtu Financial as a Non Executive Director in May of 2015. He also acts as a Senior Advisor for Teneo Holdings.