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Nate Bowling

2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year | Founding Member of Teachers United | Host, Nerd Farmer Podcast


In his thirteenth year of teaching, Nate Bowling is a veteran of the United States Air Force Reserves and a graduate of the Evergreen State College. He was a 2014 recipient of the Milken Family Foundation’s National Educator Award, the 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year, and one of four finalists for the 2016 National Teacher of the Year. He blogs about teaching, matters of justice, and educational equity at and his writing has been published in the Washington Post, New York Observer, Huffington Post, and the Seattle Times. Nathan is a co-founder of Teachers United, a teacher-led education policy advocacy group, and the host of the Nerd Farmer Podcast. He currently teaches AP Human Geography and AP Government & Politics at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Washington.