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DEI Resource Guide

By Communities In Schools | Aug. 12, 2021 DEI Educational Equity

This resource guide will lead you through comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion readings, tools, and other resources. Inside, you will find a Quick Start Guide, a stakeholder commitment continuum that will give you some bearings on where each of you are entering this journey (and how you are progressing), as well as information on where you can find additional resources and help.

We serve students who come to us with different backgrounds and experiences in life. We must recognize and celebrate their diverse backgrounds, help create equitable educational outcomes for them and provide an inclusive environment so that their voices and perspectives are honored. 

Together, we can ensure that all the students we serve, regardless of who they are or the challenges they face, have what they need to realize their full potential.

Download   CIS1901B_DEI_RESOURCE_GUIDE_web.pdf

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