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Some Things To Know About Music Lessons For Children

Aug. 31, 2017

A recent article by The Washington Post highlights the cost of private music lessons and explores alternative, cost-friendly strategies to get children involved with music. Often, families are left with the decision of whether to invest in their child’s musical ability and creativity or live within financial means. In collaboration with Communities In Schools, the annual Huntington Bank Backpack Index released this year’s cost of school fees. It was found that students in elementary, middle and high school can expect to pay at least $300 in instrument rental or related costs. President and CEO of Communities In Schools Dale Erquiaga explains that due to school fees, music is one of the three areas — along with sports and field trips — where low-income students get left out. Erquiaga urges families to ask school officials about fee waivers or seek out a community coordinator for help. To plan for the cost of school music programs, Erquiaga encourages reaching out to parents of older children about hand-me-down instruments, unexpected costs and money-saving tips.

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