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Supporting Social, Emotional, and Mental Well-Being Of Our Students and Their Families

June 25, 2020 From the President Mental Health Physical Health

The spread of COVID-19 in the United States has presented an unprecedented challenge to all communities, and particularly students and families in rural regions have uniquely been impacted in three ways - economic vulnerability, access to healthcare, and persistent levels of poverty. Communities In Schools is working to help those we serve combat these issues.

As students and families in these rural areas work to overcome hardships during this trying time, Communities In Schools®(CIS) affiliates across the country help to bring about change within their communities and work with students to build strong foundations for their future.

Our volunteers and site coordinators ensure that those we serve have what they need to combat the pandemic. From coordinating supports such as telehealth counseling, mental health resources, and information sharing to strengthen the community’s response, relief, and recovery efforts.

Now more than ever, we’re called on to support the social, emotional, and mental well-being of our students and their families



Supporting Students in Rural Communities!




sample photoPracticing Reflection and Relaxation

CIS of Big Country, Texas shared mental health resources for students to assist them in managing stress, depression, and feelings of anxiety. 






sample photoSpecial Delivery

CIS of Tennessee’s Site Coordinator, Rikitta, ordered humidifiers for a mother of three asthmatic children in her community.






sample photoBuilding Social Emotional Skills

The CIS of Northwestern Michigan site coordinators helped students stay virtually engaged through weekly online arts and crafts, how-to-draw sessions, and social-emotional learning games.







sample photoHealthy Mind, Healthy Body

CIS of Milledgeville Baldwin County partnered with the local school district and a health care organization to provide telehealth services to students and their families.






sample photo
Letter of Encouragement

CIS of Renton-Tukwila’s mentees showed their appreciation for the heartfelt, encouring letters written to them by their mentors though the PenPal Program.






Calming the Mind and Spirit sample photo

CIS of Northwestern Nevada partnered with Elko County school district and a local business to provide free mental health counseling services to students during school closures.






The Little School

CIS of Northwestern North Carolina Site Coordinator, Sarah Webster, helped newcomer families from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador navigate challenges from ABCs to housing discrimination, and encouraged students to use creative expression to explore emotions and tell their stories in a small, bright mobile unit called La Escuelita (the “little school”).

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