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Eighth-grade student Savannah rarely attended school more than two days a week and, according to her teachers, was seldom excited or happy to be in class when she was there. After connecting with Savannah’s mom, CIS site coordinator Anthony discovered that Savannah struggled with basic needs—like shoes—and lived in a single-parent household with three siblings and a mom working odd hours to make ends meet.

Knowing the challenges that Savannah faced at home helped Anthony to understand how he could better support her at school. What she needed most was a consistent caring adult that she could trust, confide in and rely on to help her through those challenges. Not only was Anthony able to provide her with new shoes, he helped empower her with the support she needed to improve her attendance and start high school on the right track.

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In the US, there are 14.5 million kids under 18 living in poverty.  Communities In Schools is working to make it so that every child can succeed inside and outside the classroom. Join our community to learn more about our work and how you can help.