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What We're Reading This Week

By Anya Alexander May 15, 2015

This week we’re reading about a glamourous event featuring a Communities In Schools of Delaware student.

In celebration of its 100th year anniversary, Maybelline New York recently announced its support for Glamour’s global philanthropic initiative, The Girl Project at an event in New York City last night.  

The Girl Project, which launched last November, is one of Glamour’s efforts to raise funds to break down the barriers to secondary education for young women all over the world.

Communities In Schools is one of four charity partners working with Glamour to help raise awareness to address obstacles and help young women stay in school and succeed.

Zenia Colon was selected as one of the “girl ambassadors” for the project. She is currently an 11th grader at John Dickinson High School in Delaware and has been a part of Communities In Schools of Delaware since her Freshman year of high school.

Growing up in a single-parent household, Zenia often struggled with low self-esteem--not feeling that she was good enough and unable to express her feelings.

With the help of CIS of Delaware, Zenia has shown significant improvement in her grades and self-esteem. One-on-one mentoring helped boost her confidence and communication skills. Today, Zenia loves giving back and enjoys working on numerous community service projects.

“Being a Glamour ambassador has made me feel like anything is possible.”


Watch Zenia share her story here.


Photo credits: David Prutting and Benjamin Lozovsky.