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What We're Reading

By Afia Obeng Jan. 29, 2016

This week we’re reading about the economic benefits of a high school diploma and the remarkable individuals whose work ensures that our students progress successfully through school.

Recently, the Alliance for Excellent Education released new data outlining the economic benefits of a high school diploma in today’s global economy. The “Graduation Effect” data shows how increasing the high school graduation rate to 90 percent would create new jobs, increase consumer spending, boost tax revenue, and increase the gross domestic product.

According to the Alliance, increasing the national high school graduation rate to 90 percent would likely have the following effects on the national economy:

  • Create 65,150 new jobs;
  • Boost gross domestic product by $11.5 billion annually;
  • Increase annual earnings by $7.2 billion;
  • Increase annual spending by $5.3 billion; and
  • Increase federal tax revenue by $1.1 billion

Read the report here. And to demonstrate the economic outcomes gained from a high school degree, Communities In Schools partnered with the Alliance to feature three CIS alumni in   videos. The alumni – Talitha HalleyJamal Tate, and Rey Saldana – spoke passionately about how they overcame personal and educational challenges in their pursuit of a high school diploma. Check out their stories here.

The success of our students could not be possible without the persistent and intentional support of individuals working to surround students with every necessary resource needed to keep them in school and graduate. Some exceptional individuals and affiliates were honored at the Unsung Heroes Awards ceremony during the 2016 Leadership Town Hall Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Below are some highlights:

  • Communities In Schools of San Antonio won the Community of Excellence award, an honor conferred by the national office upon the best affiliate in the country. CIS of San Antonio serves 7000 students through strategic partnerships with local organizations and individuals to improve the graduate rates in the state. Learn more about their award in The Rivard Report or on KENS-TV.
  • Precious Alexander, alumna of Communities In Schools of the Charleston Area was among three CIS alumni honored as being the best in class for their hard work and dedication in overcoming barriers and achieving academic success. Read more here.
  • Site Coordinator, Kim Matthews was honored posthumously for her unmatched ability to instill hope in the students she worked with to overcome both academic and non-academic barriers. Read more about her legacy in the Moultrie News
  • Mandy Stalcup, program manager of Communities In Schools of Central Texas, was featured as this week’s American Graduate Champion by KLRU as part of the  American Graduate Initiative, which honors organizations and individuals whose work is  making an impact  the critical issue of the dropout rate Mandy was praised for “helping her students stay focused on grades and attendance and assisting them with college and scholarship applications.” Read more about Mandy here.


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