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What We're Reading

By Anya Alexander March 18, 2016

This week we're reading about a group of Memminger Elementary students who were featured recently on the Steve Harvey Show to talk about "The Gentlemen's Club" and how it's changing their approach in the classroom. See full clip here.

Communities In Schools of Charleston site coordinator Raymond Nelson and fourth grade teacher Kenneth Joyner began the program in an effort to teach their students life lessons. Their motto is "Look good, feel good, do good."

Memminger Elementary is a predominantly black, Title One school in Charleston, SC. Nelson and Joyner say there has always been a discipline problem, especially among boys, who go to Memminger and other middle and high schools in that part of the city.

"I was thinking maybe if I have the boys dress for success," Nelson said. "When was the last time you saw someone fighting in a tuxedo?"

Every Wednesday they meet in their best clothes, many capping off a clean, pressed shirt and pants with a colorful bowtie, and Nelson and Joyner teach the boys how to be respectful to each other, their classmates, and teachers.

The Gentleman's club has been so successful at Memminger that Charleston County School District officials say they want other local schools to begin Gentleman's programs in their schools. Read more.

See below pictures from their Steve Harvey show appearance.