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Q&A with 2019-2020 Milliken Fellow Rosaura Martinez

Oct. 2, 2019

Rosaura "Rosie" Martinez is an alumna from CIS of Houston and a recent graduate of the University of Houston. She also serves as a member of the national Communities In Schools Alumni Leadership Advisory Committee, which serves as ambassadors, advocates and advisors to the national office. Rosie's project for the fellowship will focus on college and career readiness and working on developing a toolkit for the network to help site coordinators prepare students for life after graduation. We asked Rosie a few questions so she could share who she is, what she believes in and why the Milliken Fellowship is important to her.

Q: If you had a personal mission statement, what would it be?

Rosie: Stay in faith, believe and be fearless.

Q: What’s your favorite job/volunteer position you’ve ever had?

Rosie: My favorite volunteer position has been helping out at one of CIS's elementary schools and adopting a kid to get them something from their wish list. Seeing their faces light up when they each received their Christmas gifts was the best feeling ever. 

Q: What aspect of the fellowship work most excites you?

Rosie: I am excited about being part of something greater than myself. Being a first generation student, college and career readiness was not something my parents could help with, but CIS was there for me and being able to implement an initiative that will not only help students who are getting ready to pursue their dreams, but preparing them for the real world and letting students know that anything is possible.

Q: What kind of legacy do you hope to leave for those who come after you?

Rosie: For those who come after me, I hope that they stay authentic to who they are and they don't let society influence them. I hope that they can truly believe in themselves and feel it in their hearts that anything is possible, as long as they have their heart and mind set on their goals. Lastly, don't let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish something, only you have control of your life.

Q: What’s the one TV show you never miss?

Rosie: Hands down, Grey's Anatomy. That show has my heart! I have cried, laughed and all with this show. I'm patiently waiting on the next season and I cannot wait!

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