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Between now and December 31, every donation to Communities In Schools will be DOUBLED up to $50,000 thanks to a generous donor. Your gift will help surround at-risk children with the resources and support they need to stay in school and succeed in life. Thank you for your generous gift today.

Please note: Gifts made through this donation page will be directed to the Communities In Schools national office. If you are interested in donating directly to a local affiliate, please contact them using the affiliate finder.

For questions or to discuss giving options, please contact Rachel Anderson at (703) 518-2540 or

To mail your gift to Communities In Schools, please use our donation form (pdf).

90%of proceeds support program work

The Impact of your Gift

For as little as $200 per child annually (or $15 a month), we are able to keep 99% of our most at-risk students in school.

The students we serve can’t wait – this is their only chance at an education.