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School the Nation

July 19, 2011

On July 19, 2011, The Procter & Gamble Company and Communities In Schools announced the launch of GIVE Education, an inspiring new campaign developed to increase awareness of the student dropout crisis in the U.S. and raise funds to help keep millions of students in school.

Every nine seconds a young person drops out of high school in the U.S., and nearly one-third of high school students fail to graduate on time. GIVE Education helped raise awareness of and support for Communities In Schools, enabling it to continue channeling much-needed resources to students who are at greatest risk of dropping out.

GIVE Education enabled us to touch even more lives by bringing together the power of P&G's education commitment and reach, Communities In Schools’ innovative programs, and Grammy Award-winning recording artist and philanthropist John Legend's passion for education.
Consumers were able to take simple steps to help “School the Nation” – the rallying cry behind the campaign – and help keep kids in school through the redemption of GIVE Education brandSAVER® coupons and the use of social media tools designed to support the cause and inspire others to do the same. On Sunday, July 31, the GIVE Education brandSAVER, featuring a note from John Legend, was distributed in newspapers across the country, with discounts for P&G products, including Puffs®, Bounty®, Crest®, Pantene®, Duracell®, Olay® and Tide®. For each GIVE Education brandSAVER coupon redeemed, P&G donated two cents to Communities In Schools – allowing consumers to give back, while saving money. The P&G uncapped donation helped deliver human, financial and community resources to students and their families, including tutoring, mentoring, individual or family counseling, health services, food bank access, college visits and more. The donation was based on the number of coupons redeemed between July 31 and August 31-- the more consumers saved, the more they gave.  
“By investing time and resources in our students, we increase the likelihood that they will make positive life choices, succeed academically and finish school prepared to achieve in life,” said Communities In Schools President Dan Cardinali. “P&G and the GIVE Education campaign are enabling Communities In Schools to touch and impact even more of our nation’s youth, making students’ dreams a reality.”

Campaign spokesperson John Legend joined the initiative to generate additional awareness of America’s dropout crisis and the GIVE Education campaign. With a long track record of philanthropic work and deep commitment to education, Legend was featured in the campaign’s national television spot, as well as in the dedicated GIVE Education brandSAVER coupon booklet and Facebook page.
“By teaming up with P&G and Communities In Schools on the GIVE Education campaign, I can further support a cause of great importance to me – ensuring that all kids receive a quality education, regardless of where they grow up,” said Legend. “All students deserve the chance to learn and succeed, but not everyone has the same resources available to do so. My work with GIVE Education will help provide additional resources to Communities In Schools so they can continue to help the students who need it most.”

Download our infographic on the cost of school supplies and fees.  (pdf)