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Each year hundreds of AmeriCorps members provide valuable service hours to CIS affiliates

By Communities In Schools May 29, 2014

Each year hundreds of AmeriCorps members provide valuable service hours to CIS affiliates around the country.  Whether it’s providing tutoring, mentoring, assisting with site coordination, or planning special events, AmeriCorps members help CIS students stay in school and achieve in life. Communities In Schools National is partnering with AmeriCorps Alums to ensure the dedicated network of 820,000 AmeriCorps alumni receive continued support when their service term is complete. By registering with AmeriCorps Alums, members can gain access to professional development tools, networking and volunteer opportunities, member discounts and other resources to support success after AmeriCorps. Member benefits—which are FREE to all alumni—include: 

  • Professional development through monthly webinars, career newsletters, virtual events, and jobs board 
  • Higher education opportunities including specialized access to university partners 
  • Discounts on products like car insurance, mortgage assistance, tax returns, and more 
  • Amplifying the “Voice” of Alums through advocacy, press, and government relations 
  • Networking and service opportunities with an online network of more than a hundred thousand alums and AmeriCorps ground network with 80 local chapters in 30+ states 

If you or someone you know is a current AmeriCorps member or has completed their term of service, be sure to register with AmeriCorps Alums to access these important benefits and more.

Join for free!