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After-School Programs Can Help Teens at Risk of Dropping Out

By Steve Majors Nov. 3, 2014

Communities In Schools does whatever it takes to keep kids in school and help them achieve in life. Part of our proven model for decreasing dropout rates involves delivering after-school programming to students who are most at risk for dropping out. These programs provide them expanded learning opportunities and a chance to develop a relationship with caring adult. The role of after-school programs in helping kids stay on track and graduate is the focus of this High School Notes blog on the website of U.S. News and World Report.

Reporter Alexandra Pannoni speaks to several experts in the field, including Gary Chapman, Executive Vice President of the Communities In Schools National Network. Chapman acknowledges the success of these programs but  notes that after-school programs are just one component of dropout prevention."There is no silver bullet to making sure that kids are going to graduate," says Chapman. "After-school programs allow students to build the personal relationships they need, but are just one aspect of dropout prevention."  

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