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Communities in Schools brings help, boosts graduation rates

By Steve Majors Jan. 20, 2016

In the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Communities In Schools President Dan Cardinali and Lindsey Garner, chief operations officer for Communities In Schools of Greater Tarrant County, discuss national graduation rates and our network’s intentional and systematic approach to increase graduation among students. In Tarrant County, Texas, CIS has partnered with 10 school districts and placed licensed social workers in 53 schools on a full-time basis, where they provide intensive, ongoing case management to students identified at risk of dropping out.

As the two write, “we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in Tarrant County, and it’s one reason CIS leaders from all across the country are gathered in Fort Worth this week to trade ideas, seek inspiration and get better at what we do. By mobilizing the whole community to support at-risk students, we’ve proven that we can boost graduation rates far above the national average.”

The CIS leadership gathering in Fort Worth includes a Thursday panel discussion on graduation rates featuring four national thought leaders: America’s Promise Alliance President John Gomperts, The Alliance for Excellent Education Vice President of Policy and Advocacy for Comprehensive High School Reform Phillip Lovell, Jack Galmiche from the Nine Network of Public Media’s American Graduate Initiative and Communities In Schools President Dan Cardinali.

Their discussion, Powering the National Graduation Rate and Fueling Our Nation’s Economy, will explore the national conversation around the recently announced 82% High School Graduation rate. The leaders will discuss how to close the “graduation gap” facing low-income students and raise national awareness of the positive economic benefits of obtaining a high school diploma.

The session will be livestreamed Thursday, Jan. 21 from 2:35pm – 3:15p.m (ET).