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A Note on the Passing of Bob Baldwin Sr.

By Dan Cardinali Jan. 7, 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Robert Baldwin Sr., the founding Board Chair of Communities In Schools.

I wanted to take a moment to share a bit of Bob's history with our organization, especially for those of you who might not have had the good fortune to have worked alongside him. 

Bob served as the founding CIS Board Chair from 1977-1993, a pivotal period in the growth of our organization.  Bob was one of the most respected names on Wall Street at the time, serving as chairman of the investment banking firm, Morgan Stanley. 

But at the height of his career,  Bob somehow found the time and energy to partner with Bill Milliken to chart a strategic path for stability and growth for CIS.

He was known for his wise, straight-talking counsel, and solid judgment. He deeply cared about the mission of CIS and the students we served.

During his lifetime, Bob also served as Under Secretary of the Navy under President Lyndon Johnson and served his country during the Vietnam war.

Following his tenure as CIS Board Chairman, Bob continued to contribute to the organization by serving on the Leadership Council of Communities In Schools and the Founders Circle. He also lent his good name and support to the Robert Baldwin National Fellows program.

Bob truly made an impact on the lives of thousands of children and on many of us. He will be greatly missed.

Our thoughts go out to his loving family members. 

To read more about Bob's life and the lasting contribution he made to our country, click here to read the New York Times coverage of his passing.