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AT&T Aspire 1 Million Mentoring Hours

By Anya Alexander Jan. 13, 2016

Communities In Schools Congratulates AT&T On Reaching 1 Million Hours of Mentoring Students

Today, AT&T announced that its employees have reached the goal of 1 million hours of mentoring students – ahead of schedule – through the company’s Aspire Mentoring Academy, a part of AT&T Aspire. As a collaborative partner, Communities In Schools congratulates AT&T for reaching this important milestone and investment in the lives of thousands of students around the country.

When a mentor connects with a mentee, both lives are changed for the better. That’s why Communities In Schools worked in partnership to with AT&T and their employees to deliver Career Exploration mentoring to thousands of at-risk 8th – 12th grade students to help them prepare and plan for their futures. During the 2014-2015 school year, this partnership supported 46 CIS affiliates coordinating a record breaking 161 events in 20 states. To date, over 14,000 CIS at-risk 8th – 12th grade students have benefitted from over 57,000 hours of time volunteers by AT&T employees.

With the launch of Aspire Mentoring Academy in the fall of 2012, AT&T set a goal to mentor 1 million hours by the end of 2016. Reaching this milestone nearly 1 year early is a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of AT&T employees.  We are excited to continue our work with them to close the mentoring gap and help students succeed in school and beyond.