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Elaine Wynn in Investor's Business Daily

By Elaine Wynn May 18, 2016

The new federal jobs report has good news. America’s economy created about 215,000 new jobs in March, helping to keep the national unemployment rate at a healthy 5%.

Unfortunately, there’s one group that has been almost completely left out of this recovery: high school dropouts. Nearly 60% still can’t find a job or have simply stopped looking.

Dropping out of high school doesn’t just happen. Almost always, those who don’t receive a diploma come from low-income households with parents who didn’t go to college. These students start out so far behind that they don’t have a real shot at catching up.

Fortunately, there’s new legislation that, if properly implemented, could help propel these students ahead, thus lifting America’s graduation rate even higher and boosting the number of students who go on to college and join the high-skilled labor force...

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