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Model Partnerships for Impact: CIS & EMCF

By Alison Bourgault Oct. 6, 2016

Communities In Schools is delighted that our partnership with the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation was recognized by the Independent Sector, a leadership network for nonprofits, foundations, and corporations committed to advancing the common good. Specifically, CIS was featured in Model Partnerships for Impact, a series of case studies that showcase a grantee and funder pair who exemplify healthy relationships and illuminate the practices and behaviors that contribute to a positive power dynamic.

Since  2011, EMCF has invested in the growth of the CIS model with a focus on quality, strengthening organizational capacity and building our evidence base.

Read the case study here.

More about Model Partnerships for Impact

In 2015, Independent Sector collaborated with 80 partner organizations to hold community conversations in cities across the country. This tour – called  Threads was a landmark opportunity for leaders in the charitable sector to discuss common challenges and share ideas about solutions.In every city, one impediment to meeting mission was consistently raised by both nonprofit and foundation professionals: the strained relationship between grantees and funders. With this in mind, Independent Sector set out to add knowledge and tell stories that that would help move grantee/funder ‘power dynamics’ in a more productive direction.  

Check back here each week throughout the fall to see who else is featured.