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Scaling Up: With Another Big Cash Infusion, This Education Nonprofit Is Set to Grow

By Steve Majors May 23, 2018

The most recent issue of Inside Philanthropy writes that Communities In Schools, "has gotten a big investment from a sunsetting supporter to kick off its new strategic plan. The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF) recently announced a four-year, $17 million grant in support of the plan, which involves scaling up the number of schools and students reached by the nonprofit. Last year, the Ballmer Group, which works closely with EMCF, awarded $15 million to the organization."

Writer Caitin Reilly reports that "the big new money flowing to CIS from EMCF and the Ballmer Group is another indication of a shifting education funding landscape," and that "an appeal of Communities In Schools is that its model isn't exactly rocket science, and it has a long track record of reaching lots of students with strong results."

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