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2019-2020 Bill and Jean Milliken Alumni Fellowship

Communities In Schools National, through its Milliken Center for Innovation and Student Success, is now accepting applications for its 2019-2020 Bill & Jean Milliken Alumni Fellowship. This opportunity is for CIS alumni who wish to spend six to nine months in residence in the Washington, DC, area or work remotely from home with regular visits to the National Office, tackling a public policy development project or problem of practice related to integrated student supports. The selected Fellow would work alongside CIS National staff in a collaborative, cross-functional exploration of some of the most important and compelling issues facing CIS and the students we serve. Through this annual call for applications, we seek to advance our collective work and give voice to the next generation of CIS leaders and thinkers, while honoring Bill & Jean Milliken’s unique contributions to this organization

2019 Fellowship Focus

Communities In Schools is advancing its work in several key areas, from social emotional learning to school discipline, college and career readiness to school turnaround. This year, we’re looking for Fellows interested in projects resulting in a final work product of a research paper, toolkit or case study on the topic of improving school climate.

The National School Climate Center defines school climate as “the quality and character of school life. School climate is based on patterns of students', parents' and school personnel's experience of school life; it also reflects norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning practices, and organizational structures.” 

Communities In Schools believes that the work of a trained caring adult (the CIS site coordinator) can be part of a schoolwide effort to provide a positive school climate, contributing to youth development, learning, and success later in life.  We believe that social emotional learning and developmental relationships contribute to school climate as well.  We are looking for ways to advance this work at the national, affiliate, and school levels.  

Interested applicants should consider how they might approach one or more of these topics, and propose a project that addresses site coordinator training, public policy, or innovation.  Projects might include research, curriculum development, proposed policy changes, advocacy training, or a product/service to advance the topic.  Be bold!  Projects that demonstrate creative thinking, even if the idea is not fully formed yet, will be a good demonstration of your talents.  For example, the Alumni Fellow could contribute by: 

  • Working with CIS National to prepare training or materials for school principals to understand how integrated student supports help develop positive school climate.
  • Working with a state or local affiliate to design a program fostering a positive school climate which could be replicated by other affiliates.
  • Creating an implementation toolkit for schools on how social emotional learning contributes to positive school climate.
  • A case study research paper on how programs like CIS have contributed to a positive school climate.
  • Policy recommendations for state legislatures or school districts to adopt that would foster a positive school climate.
  • Another project the applicant wishes to propose.

All projects must focus on the work of CIS and the provision of Integrated Student Supports in a way that achieves the organization’s mission to surround students with a network of support, so they stay in school and achieve in life.

Download the Call for Applications to learn more and apply. The deadline for applications is by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.