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2020 Community Matters Report

The 2020 Community Matters report highlights the need for more urgent focus on the challenges in rural schools. It examines the economic realities and resource challenges faced by rural communities and provides innovative approaches to supporting students in need.

sample photoThe 2020 Community Matters report highlights the need for more urgent focus on the challenges in rural schools. It offers our evidence-based model – integrated student supports as an effective approach that is adaptive to meet local challenges.

The report includes real-world examples from rural communities where educators, students, and civic leaders faced those deep and complex challenges and as a direct result of partnering with CISTM, created new connections to success.

With a focus on rural schools, this report represents our results and our commitment in 2,500 schools of all types–rural, urban, and suburban–across the country.  

Download 2020 Community Matters - State Profiles

Download 2020 Community Matters Report

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