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Together for Students: Five Key Lessons From Our Collective Impact Initiative

In this brief, the Together for Students Initiative shares the five biggest lessons learned so far in the hopes that other organizations and communities can also learn from the experience.

With support from the Ford Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, three organizations created the Together for Students initiative, a multi-year grant to support our local network members in transforming how their communities work together to meet the needs of every student.

The Together for Students Initiative was created by the alignment of three national nonprofit youth-serving organizations, The Institute for Educational Leadership’s Coalition for Community Schools, Communities In Schools (CIS), and StriveTogether, to support them in bringing together key stakeholders to support the needs of students in their communities. They have published a report, entitled, "Together for Students: Five Key Lessons from Our Collective Impact Initiative" to highlight the lessons from the communities during their first year of the initiative. The communities also have had a chance to present at a couple of national convenings. The most recent was StriveTogether’s 2020 Cradle to Career Network Convening The Power of You where they presented "Building a Better Future with Youth and Families". For more information about this work, please visit 

Download Together for Students: Five Key Lessons From Our Collective Impact Initiative

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