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Quick-Start Reference: Funding Integrated Student Supports

Research shows that when well implemented, an integrated student support models can promote the success of individual students and create the type of supportive learning environment that enables all student to thrive.

A 2017 child Trends review of 19 evaluation studies found that high quality models of integrated student supports, such as the Communities In Schools (CIS) model, can, among other things, improve average daily attendance, raise the on-time graduation rate, improve school climate, develop social emotional competencies, and improve math achievement and overall GPA. This resource focuses on funding integrated student supports within the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), along with other federal funding sources. It  also lays out a strategy for increased and sustained funding, improvements in quality, and reaching more children in need through braided funding streams.
Under (ESSA), states must identify low-performing schools based on a comprehensive set of measures, including at least one state-selected indicator of school quality and student success. This change in the law can help school leaders develop a more integrated, whole child approach to school improvement.

In addition to the ESSSA funding sources laid out in this briefing, states and districts can also draw from other public and not-for-profit sectors, such as housing, health, and children and family services to provide integrated student supports. Learn how the CIS network  and other integrated student support providers utilize multiple sources of funding.