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Five-Year National Evaluation, Volume 5: Austin Randomized Controlled Trial

This report contains the results of the Randomized Controlled Trial conducted within Communities In Schools of Central Texas (Austin) partner schools as part of the five-year national evaluation.

The Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) explored student‐level outcomes in an effort to answer the evaluation question: What is the impact or value added of Communities In Schools case‐managed services on student‐level outcomes including school engagement, attitude toward school, relationship with a caring adult, commitment to school, pro‐social behavior, academic performance and involvement in community?

The RCT began in the 2007‐2008 school year in six high schools in Austin. The study followed two cohorts of students over a two‐year period to explore the impact of Communities In Schools case‐managed services on individual student behavior and performance.

Download National Evaluation Volume 5