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Research Brief: Addressing Trauma In Our Schools

This research brief describes trauma and toxic stress and how the CIS model and other models of Integrated Student Supports (ISS) can help students facing these issues.

For years, researchers and practitioners have known that traumatic experiences in childhood can lead to poor academic and life outcomes.  Students suffering from trauma (and a related concept, toxic stress) benefit from connecting with multiple supportive resources to address their needs.  With an evidence-based model, dedicated professionals, and targeted services, providers of Integrated Student Supports like Communities In Schools are helping communities across the country overcome the obstacles associated with trauma and toxic stress.

In this brief you will find: 

  • Overview of Childhood Trauma and Toxic Stress
  • Strategies to Address Trauma and Toxic Stress in Classrooms
  • Mitigating the Impact of Trauma in Schools: An Example from Communities In Schools of Central Texas
  • Conclusion
  • Further Resources
Download Research Brief: Addressing Trauma in Our Schools