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Working Beyond School

Communities In Schools of Marietta/Cobb County
College and Career Preparation

All In For Students Award Recipient 2011: The award is presented to site coordinators who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to students. With acts of love and transformation, these Heroes are the best at what they do.

Day in and day out, Shayla Jones is the force that pushes her students to excel when all the odds are stacked against them. The site coordinator from Communities In Schools of Marietta/Cobb County, Ga., pulls no punches when talking with high school students about their futures. She’s honest about what life as a high school dropout is like, and then gives them all the resources they need to graduate and succeed. In 2011, 61 percent of the students Shayla works with participated in job shadowing opportunities and eight students completed internships. And the site coordinator’s powers extend beyond high school; she’s dedicated to monitoring her students’ progress after graduation to make sure they stay on track through college. Not even kryptonite will stop Shayla from giving her all to the young people at her school.

In Georgia