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A Hero to His Students

CIS of Jacksonville
Academic Assistance

All In For Students Award Recipient 2016: The award is presented to site coordinators who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to students. With acts of love and transformation, these Heroes are the best at what they do.

Brian is deeply committed to fostering a love of reading in his students and bridging the technology gap that exists for students without access to computers and the internet. Many of the students at Arlington Middle School in Jacksonville, Fla., struggle with reading, which impacts their performance in other classes. On top of that, students can’t find time between classes to go to the library to check out books. Always looking for ways to make life easier for his students, Brian checks out books for his students, and brings them to their classes. His success is evident: last year, 99% of his 170 students passed their reading/language arts class; and 98% of students served by CIS were promoted to the next grade. Brian is retired military, a die-hard Boston sports fan, and, according to a colleague, he is a hero to his students.

- January 2016

In Florida