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An Advocate for Every Student

CIS of Wake County

LaToya goes above and beyond traditional working hours to provide coaching and support for all her students – past and present.

The eldest of five and the only member of her family to graduate college, LaToya Montague credits her leadership and academic achievements to Communities In Schools of Wake County. With CIS support, LaToya beat the odds: graduating high school when only 1 in 3 students graduated from high school in her community. From there, she received a full scholarship to North Carolina State University. 

With her CIS family supporting her along the way, LaToya graduated from NC State with a degree in management in 1999 and has since dedicated her entire professional career to CIS of Wake County. Working her way up from Weekend Program Director to Executive Director, she has served at every level of the organization. With this experience, LaToya has strategically enhanced the program to better serve CIS students and their families while simultaneously engaging her two children in the program as well, making giving back to the community and their peers a family affair. 

LaToya goes above and beyond traditional working hours to provide coaching and support for all her students – past and present. Director of Strategic Initiatives of CIS Wake Roberta Hadley says LaToya “represents everything CIS Wake originally stood for almost 30 years ago and still stands for today.” Today, LaToya is an advocate for every single student, making them feel seen and heard no matter the challenges they are facing. 

In North Carolina