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Man with a Plan

Communities In Schools of the Nation’s Capital
Basic Needs

With resilience and a heart of compassion, David has proven over the years that minor setbacks will not stop him from reaching his goals.

With resilience and a heart of compassion, David has proven over the years that minor setbacks will not stop him from reaching his goals.

Coping with a history of family health issues for any teenager could be difficult. And for David, his troubles were multiplied when three members in his immediate family struggled with severe and life-threatening illnesses.

As a six-grader, his mother suffered a heart attack and became wheelchair bound. Later, his grandmother was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer during his 10th grade year and his father became severely ill at the end of 11th grade. Both passed away around the same time.

“It was a lot. My mother had to shift her attention from me to care for my grandmother. I was my dad's only kin and he was a very prideful man who didn't talk about his feelings, so he only shared these things with me, no one else. I didn't go to school that much because I spent lots of time visiting him at Howard University Hospital.”

The sequence of events took a toll on David. He struggled with attendance and drastically fell behind in his coursework.

He began his senior year under an eleventh grade student status, but was fully committed to doing everything in his power to graduate on time. With basic needs support and consistent follow-up from CIS, David was able to shift his attention back toward school. Since doing so, he has been on the Honor Roll and has received a student award for outstanding achievement in computer science.

"I'm most proud of coming back to school and actually completing it. I had no drive to do anything after my dad died, but since coming here (Cardozo), I've actually made a lot of friends and it's a really nice place. "

David plans to attend University of District of Columbia next fall to get his technology certification. This summer he has been accepted into an internship at Accenture.

- June 2015


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