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7,000 Students, 70 Partners and One Bright Future

San Antonio
Basic Needs

All In For Students Award Recipient 2016: The annual award is presented to the communities that are able to challenge students academically, knowing that students’ non-academic needs are being met through organizations such as CIS.

If you aren’t invested in the future of your community – who will be? The community of San Antonio has asked itself that question and answered by coming together to surround their children with all the supports they need to stay in school. CIS of San Antonio is at the center of the work done on behalf of its students – they work with 70 community partners to serve 7,000 students in 11 school districts. For the past 30 years, CIS of San Antonio has enriched the community of San Antonio, working tirelessly to bring community partners into the fold to make sure students have everything from food, clothing and school supplies to career exploration training and access to hands on engineering activities. The support, passion and love that San Antonio has for its youth has tangible results, with student performance on statewide achievement tests improving from 50 percent of students passing in 2003 to more than 80 percent passing in 2014. 

- January 2016

In Texas