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Scholar of Service

CIS of the Charleston Area
College and Career Preparation

Learning how to strike a balance between her school work and caring for her mother was Grace’s biggest challenge.

Always an academic over-achiever, Grace came to understand that she could turn to others to help overcome personal barriers to success.

Now she's a scholarship recipient with her choice of nine schools who want her to accept.

A big part of her drive and determination stems from her family whom pushed her to be the best academically. This fall, she will graduate with honors as the class valedictorian with 3.8 GPA.

For Grace, the road to graduation was not free from adversity. When she was not studying, tutoring, or volunteering with different organizations, she was caring for her mother who suffers from COPD and has limited mobility in her knees.  

“I tried to help as much as possible. When she’s not feeling well, I would drive her to church and the store, cleaning up around the house, ---just making sure she’s okay.”

CIS helped Grace strike a balance between home and school. She has received regular services including counseling, life skills education, and has helped her apply for various scholarships. CIS staff also made a referral for her family to have renovations made to their house from the Catholic Heartwork Camp. 

“I feel like I had to grow up much faster than my friends. But the experience has taught me so many valuable lessons. It has made me want to try harder to get out and make a life for myself.”

After graduation, Grace has her sights on attending Winthrop University in South Carolina to major in political science. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school and land her dream job doing environmental or constitutional law. 

In South Carolina