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A Simple Operation Kept Emmiley In School

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Physical Health

When kids are suffering and in need of medical treatment, CIS can help mobilize a community to get involved

At 15, Emmiley suffered from a severe temporalmandibular joint (TMJ) disorder which limited her eating and drinking, affected her speech and caused so much pain that she began missing school.

CIS Site Coordinator Teresa worked with Emmiley's mother to help raise the money required to start the dental work Emmiley needed to correct her TMJ issues. CIS worked with the family to develop a concession stand fundraiser and secured enough donations from the community to pay for the initial treatments.

Emmiley's new orthodontics have raised her confidence, enabling her to focus on schoolwork and fully engage in extracurricular activities. Inspired by her experiences, she's now a high school junior who is looking forward to pursuing a psychology degree in college so she can "help people overcome their struggles in life."


UPDATE MAY 2015: Emmiley recently graduated high school and plans to attend Kansas State University. The braces that Emmiley received with the support of CIS, will be removed next month.

In Kansas