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Communities In Schools knows that every child holds tremendous promise. Working directly inside schools across the country, we connect youth to caring adults and community resources designed to help them succeed. For the nearly 1.6 million students we serve, these connections have the power to help them change the trajectory of their lives. Our vision for a country in which all children have access to a strong foundation for success is based on five guiding policy principles: 
Closing the Relationship Gap: A One-on-One Relationship with a Caring Adult
WE advocate for policies that create, reinforce, and strengthen opportunities for young people to build developmental relationships with caring adults.
Improving School Climate: A Safe Place to Learn and Grow 
WE advocate for strong investments in positive school climates from all levels of government. 
Promoting Health Equity: A Healthy Start and a Healthy Future
WE advocate for state and federal policies that support and encourage the coordination and integration of school-based services that keep students physically and mentally healthy. 
Fostering College and Career Readiness: A Marketable Skill to Use Upon Graduation
WE advocate for job training, college exploration and persistence, and workplace learning opportunities for all students. 
Inspiring Civic Engagement: A Chance to Give Back to Peers and Community                            
WE advocate for policies that encourage volunteering, help young people set aside the time to serve others, and boost civic engagement. 

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