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Communities In Schools CEO Calls on President Trump to Address the Problems of Country’s Most Disadvantaged Students in Proposed Budget

By Communities In Schools March 16, 2017

The CEO of Communities In Schools (CIS), the national organization that works inside public district and charter schools, empowering at-risk students to achieve in school and succeed in life, today expressed his deep concern about the proposed budget released by President Trump and its potential effect on the nation’s most at-risk students. The spending blueprint released this morning includes $9.4 billion in cuts to the Department of Education.

“The President’s budget overlooks the fact that children in poverty require a network of support to overcome the adult-sized challenges they face,” said Communities In Schools President & CEO Dale Erquiaga. “Whether it’s after-school programs or programs that put all kids on the path to college, we owe it to our young people to demonstrate that we are all in this together for their future success.”

Erquiaga said the elimination of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program, which serves low-income children before and after school, is of greatest concern to organizations like CIS. The proposed elimination of the Corporation for National and Community Service, which administers AmeriCorps, would also severely impact the ability of CIS to deliver much needed services to the country’s most vulnerable children. (Visit our policy action center to contact Congress to urge them to maintain funding for 21st CCLC)

“14.5 million children under the age 18 live in poverty," added Erquiaga. "Many of these students, who live in suburban, urban and rural communities across our country, are coming to school without food, shelter, basic medical or dental care and many other resources. Many vital programs like those targeted for cuts in the proposed budget allow our school-based staff to connect those students with the resources they need to thrive in the classroom and in their lives.”

Erquiaga said Communities In Schools will be working closely with other child-focused organizations to help Congress, which must approve the President’s budget, understand the effectiveness of federal programs that allow CIS to deliver its model of academic and non-academic services – also known as Integrated Student Supports.

The CIS model of ISS is informed by numerous independent studies and 40 years of work supporting the nation’s most at-risk students.  A recent report highlighted the success of CIS and showed that among the students who receive the most intensive supports, 99 percent remain in school, 93 percent are promoted to the next grade, and 85 percent meet their academic goals. 

About Communities In Schools

Communities In Schools (CIS) is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to empowering at-risk students to stay in school and on a path to a brighter future. Working directly inside more than 2,300 schools across the country, we connect kids to caring adults and community resources designed to help them succeed. We do whatever it takes to ensure that all kids—regardless of the challenges they may face—have what they need to realize their potential.