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CIS Responds to Administration's Plan to Fix NCLB

By Communities In Schools Jan. 12, 2015

Communities In Schools Disappointed in Administration’s NCLB Fix  

Arlington, Va.- Jan. 12, 2015  -  Communities In Schools (CIS), the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention program, today expressed disappointment with the administration’s plan to repeal and replace the federal education legislation known as “No Child Left Behind” for failing to include critical funding for programs proven to close the achievement gap.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan outlined the plan in a speech today, but did not address key issues that lawmakers, teachers, education advocates and parents across the country have recognized as critical to any education reform.

Dan Fuller, vice president of legislative relations for Communities In Schools issued the following statement in response to Duncan’s plan.

“We believe accountability is important, however children who are hungry cannot learn" said Fuller. "The best educators and schools in the country are doomed to failure if children do not have a safe place to sleep.  We need to recognize that poverty is an education issue. The toxic effects of poverty that kids live with come into the classroom. In-school social services, known as integrated student supports or wraparound services have been proven to give poor kids the opportunity to keep up with their peers in the classroom. And it doesn’t require a special test or a magic formula, just funding and political will.”

Fuller added, “We encourage policymakers on both sides of the aisle to address the impact of poverty on education.  It’s not complicated.  We know it works, remove the obstacles to learning associated with poverty and all our kids succeed. ”   

About Communities In Schools

Communities In Schools (CIS) is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to empowering at-risk students to stay in school and on a path to a brighter future. Working directly inside more than 2,300 schools across the country, we connect kids to caring adults and community resources designed to help them succeed. We do whatever it takes to ensure that all kids—regardless of the challenges they may face—have what they need to realize their potential.