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Every Vote Counts: A Statement from CIS National President Rey Saldaña

Nov. 4, 2020

Communities In Schools® (CIS™) National President and CEO Rey Saldaña issued the following statement on the election

"We’ve long known that the final results of the Presidential election would not be immediately clear. Indeed, the determination of a declared winner might still take days or weeks. But the process is important because in our democracy, every vote counts. So we must allow all the ballots, whether cast in person or by mail, to be fairly and accurately counted.

 While we wait for the results, we call on both campaigns and both parties in our country to respect the electoral process and ultimately respect the will of the American people. It is our hope that the next President and their administration will use the coming days and weeks to reflect on the clear message that many Americans wanted to send with their vote. They want leadership from both parties and at every level of government to deal with the pandemic and the opportunity gap that has been exacerbated by systemic failure of our public institutions, as well as the troubling rise of racism and xenophobia in our country.  

 Even while we wait for the official announcement of a declared winner, we must acknowledge that our country accomplished something extraordinary. We can take pride in achieving one of the most important highlights of the election season: record-high voter participation, including from young people. That fact cannot be understated because one of the most lasting calls to action from civil rights leaders and change advocates has been the increased participation of voters, especially those who have been historically marginalized.  

 No matter the outcome,  Communities In Schools is committed to a U.S. education system where every student receives the integrated student supports they need to achieve in school and life, regardless of race, zip-code, and historical marginalization. For that to take place, we will ultimately have to come together to set aside our past political differences and unite in support of a bright future for all our children."

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