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Fund Integrated Student Supports Grants

By Jennifer Herrera, Principal, Policy and Legislative Affairs, Communities In Schools | June 2, 2023 Advocacy Integrated Student Supports (ISS)

The President's FY2024 Budget Request included $368 million for Full-Service Community School Funding which includes $25 million for Integrated Student Supports grants.

A growing body of research shows that students succeed when schools embrace a whole child perspective that integrates academic development and addresses out-of-school factors that interfere with learning.

Our model of integrated student supports is about leveling the field by making sure all students have access to the community resources and tools they need to unlock their potential and thrive.

It starts with our site coordinators—the caring adults who are in schools walking by students’ side to get a deep understanding of the barriers and challenges they face. Across our network, site coordinators build, strengthen and maintain relationships with students and their families.

Evidence-based integrated student supports equip every student to take on and tear down the barriers that stand between them and an equitable path to education.

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