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Student Jaminsky Charles with Site Coordinator Mrs. Montgomery

Jaminsky: My Time with CIS

By Jaminsky Charles | Dec. 2, 2022

It was 9th grade year when I first moved to Cobb County. I was just a freshman who knew nobody and had no idea what to expect from Cobb County or South Cobb High School as a whole. 

One of the first people I met at my new school was Mrs. Montgomery, the Communities In Schools® (CIS®) site coordinator at South Cobb High School. Mrs. Montgomery made me realize that whether I'm a new student or not, I could find a place at this school. She's my second mother, and I love the fact she cares about every student. As a senior who’s seen everything, what she's done for me and other kids at this school has just been an amazing thing to be a part of.

She'll do more than just ask what's wrong; she'll help you fix the problem in any way she can, and she's made me realize that all of CIS is like that. She has helped kids who had given up on themselves in high school. I'm grateful that I got to be familiarized with someone like Mrs. Montgomery.

This comes from the heart, because I know what it's like to need somebody and not have it, but every time that I need her, she's always there in that office, keeping busy and ready to be the great mom, mentor, and woman that she is. 

When I graduate, I’ll miss not having her steps away from me. 

I love Mrs. Montgomery and CIS for all they've done for me and this school.

Jaminsky Charles

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