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Start a Local Affiliate

Communities In Schools has a process for bringing our services into communities. And it starts right here.

Starting a new local affiliate requires the presence of a Communities In Schools state office in the state where the community is located. The role of the state office is to provide introductions to community leaders to gauge their interest in building a local affiliate, identify a local liaison who will spearhead efforts to bring Communities In Schools to the community, and then work with the local liaison to plan the next steps for starting an affiliate. These steps include development of a local task force, assessment of community needs and assets, and creation of a work plan.

Once Communities In Schools is seen as a viable organization in the community and sufficient infrastructure is in place, the steps for starting a new nonprofit organization for that community can begin. A board of directors is formed to begin the incorporation process, conduct fundraising, hire an executive director, and negotiate partnerships with local school districts and community organizations.

Communities In Schools state offices typically work with communities throughout each step of this process, offering assistance and ensuring that the new local affiliate follows the requirements outlined in the Communities In Schools Total Quality System standards.

Find out if your community is located in a state with a Communities In Schools state office.


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