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Bobby: Staying Focused and Committed to Graduating

Bobby: Staying Focused and Committed to Graduating

By Communities In Schools | April 26, 2022 Basic Needs College & Career Prep Graduation

Students like Bobby from CIS of Pennsylvania (CISPA) show that with some support, it is possible to rise above the everyday challenges that make it difficult to focus on your studies.  

Inner-city schools can be a tough place where fights and bullying are as prevalent inside the halls as they are out on the streets. Students are challenged every day to make the right choices, and the past few years have only worsened these challenges.

Bobby is a student who put in a consistent and commendable effort to show up each year and complete his classwork. Bobby participated in sports and made the decision not to obtain a part-time job so that his studies could be the focus of his time.  

During the pandemic, CISPA supported Bobby by delivering basic needs to him and his family when the building was shut down, allowing him to focus on his studies more.  

With some assistance in navigating the college application process from CISPA, Bobby has applied to some local colleges and their scholarship programs. He is passionate about cars and sports, so he is still deciding between a career in Mechanical Engineering or Sports Management. 

“Graduating means a lot… Once I walk across that stage and accomplish actually means a lot. So, graduating will be one of the best moments of my life and I am so happy to graduate,” said Bobby.  

We are eager to see what his future holds as he navigates crossing the stage into life beyond high school. 

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