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Communities In Schools Celebrates Senior Class Impacted by Four Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Communities In Schools | May 22, 2023 College & Career Prep Graduation Site Coordinator

Communities In Schools® (CIS®), the nation’s leading provider of integrated student supports will honor high school seniors who persevered during the pandemic to reach their dream of graduation.

COVID-19 completely changed what a day at school meant for more than 50 million students and their teachers, parents, and communities. Communities In Schools acted quickly to assist in re-engaging students in their learning while working with school leaders and staff to create equitable learning environments for all students. 

During the 2021-2022 school year, 99.5 percent of students enrolled in CIS programs remained in school through the end of the school year, with 96.8 percent of K-11 students being promoted to the next grade and 95.5 percent of seniors graduating or receiving a GED. CIS served 1.8 million students through 3,270 schools and community sites in 25 states and the District of Columbia.

“These have been extraordinary times, and despite the challenges of the past four years, CIS students have pushed through with spirit and determination,” said Rey Saldaña, national president and CEO of Communities In Schools. “I am amazed by the grit and determination of our students who overcame the obstacles of the past four years to make it to this milestone moment,” he said 

This spring, CIS will celebrate every student’s success with virtual and in-person events, letters of support from CIS alumni, and a storytelling initiative highlighting the experiences of high school seniors and their journey to graduation.

One example is a first-person story from senior Alyssa from Communities In Schools of Catoosa County in Georgia. During the pandemic, Alyssa considered dropping out due to struggling with her coursework. CIS helped Alyssa realize that returning to school and getting a high school diploma was a better option. With the support of her site coordinator, Alyssa was able to reengage in school and get the credits she needed. Now she will earn her diploma a year early.

“Alyssa's ability to persevere and overcome obstacles outside of her control is an absolute inspiration to myself and students around her,” said Ali Jennings, CIS site coordinator. "In the time we have worked together, she has grown into an incredible young woman, and is now ready to take on the world,” she said. 

This spring, CIS affiliates will host celebrations nationwide. On Tuesday, May 23, Communities In Schools and CIS of Eastern Pennsylvania will host a Bright Futures Breakfast, welcoming students from seven school districts including remarks from Allentown Mayor Matt Tuerk and Rey Saldaña, national president and CEO of Communities In Schools. 

Learn more about CIS’ Every Student graduation campaign here.


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