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Mack: Learning About His Native Heritage

Mack: Learning About His Native Heritage

CIS of Mid-America | Graduation

Mack is currently a senior at a high school in Oklahoma and is also a member of the Comanche Nation. Prior to joining Communities In Schools® (CIS®) in his sophomore year, Mack struggled greatly with his attendance and grades. After joining CIS, he started to thrive both in school and out. 

Over the years, Mack’s site coordinator supported him by providing him with necessities such as food, hygiene supplies, school supplies, and clothing. His site coordinator has also helped him with more intangible support such as tutoring and mentoring, so that he had everything he needed to excel in school. 

Mack has become very involved in school activities. This past September, he traveled with fellow CIS students to the American Indian Science and Engineering Society Conference. The following month he travelled to the National Indian Education Association Conference. 

Mack stated that he is most proud of learning about his Native heritage through CIS cultural activities.  

“The CIS program has done many things for me and my family. My coordinator taught me many things I would never thought I would learn about myself and my culture. I feel like I have become a better person from the energy of this program.” 

Mack has overcome many personal obstacles in his life and now he is looking forward to the future. He will graduate this May and he plans to attend the Caddo Kiowa Technology Center in the HVAC program. 

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