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Our Blog

Look to the Communities In Schools blog for our latest news, industry research and insights, and updates on the success of our graduates and communities.

What We're Reading This Week

By  Steve Majors Jan. 23, 2015


Communities In Schools leaders from across the country joined national education experts, policy makers and key school district leaders in New Orleans this week for the 2015 Leadership Town Hall Conference. This extraordinary gathering focused on our organization’s efforts to change the picture of education. It’s the focus of this week’s What We’re Reading.

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Generation Do-It-Yourself (Gen DIY)

By  Steve Majors Dec. 22, 2014


Communities In Schools is collaborating with Getting Smart on their new blog project, Generation Do-It-Yourself (“GenDIY”), which will tell the stories of young people taking control and charting a course to careers they love.

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