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Non-Profits Have a Responsibility to Lead in Workplace Equality and Safety

By  Donna Weiss March 29, 2018


The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have sparked a long overdue national conversation about   conduct and relationships in the workplace. While the conversation has initially focused on the issue of gender inequity, we must bring the same attention to how we can value differences and ensure fairness when it comes to issues of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability. 

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#Isawmyself: Why Educator Representation Matters

By  Elizabeth Tuten Feb. 26, 2018


Every February, the conversation around racial representation in the media reignites. This year, the release of Marvel’s much anticipated Black Panther has been a shot in the arm for the movement—inspiring hashtags such as #Isawmyself that accompany social media storytelling about the first time a young person of color saw themselves reflected in media or popular culture. While this is a vital conversation, it should expand into other other avenues that affect they way our young people percieve themselves. 

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When Trauma and the Holidays Collide

By  Elizabeth Tuten Dec. 6, 2017


As the season of light and giving begins, Communities throughout America are seeking hope in the aftermath of tragedy and loss. For those most impacted by Hurricane Harvey, anxiety and grief are juxtaposed with lights and festivities as both physical and emotional recovery continue.

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