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Our Blog

Look to the Communities In Schools blog for our latest news, industry research and insights, and updates on the success of our graduates and communities.

Caps Off to Our CIS Experience Students!

By Anya Alexander May 18, 2016

Today, we celebrate the CIS Experience students and the outstanding work they’ve done to stay in school and graduate to the next level. Caps off to our CIS Experience students!

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Pass The Cap!

By Alison Bourgault May 16, 2016


Communities In Schools helps 1.5 million kids stay in school and on the path to graduation, but 11 million need our support.

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Caps Off!

By Alison Bourgault May 2, 2016


This graduation season, Communities In Schools says “Caps Off!” not only to the 1.5 million graduating high school seniors and students who have successfully completed another school year.

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