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From the President

Blog Posts

Solving chronic absenteeism in schools is an integrated effort

By Dale Erquiaga Jan. 3, 2018


Absenteeism isn’t just a Tennessee problem. It’s a national crisis affecting one in seven students. Tennessee must demonstrate its leadership on this issue. By helping children and their families deal with the out-of-school obstacles that keep students away, teachers are free to make the most of every minute in the classroom.

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A Plague of Empty Desks

By Dale Erquiaga Aug. 24, 2017

Communities In Schools CEO and President, Dale Erquiaga, shares with U.S. News & World Report the lens of adult-sized problems that keep many young people from re-engaging into school after the summer break.

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Blow Open the Horizons

By Megan Hoel Dec. 7, 2016

A recent article from Latino magazine features CIS President and CEO, Dale Erquiaga discussing the importance of ESSA on English Language Learners and graduation rates.

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From the President: #ItOnlyTakesOne

By Dan Cardinali Nov. 25, 2015


This Thanksgiving season, we want to focus on saying thanks, rather than hearing it. We're asking everyone to publicly thank that one special adult who made a lasting difference in their lives through a hashtag campaign: #ItOnlyTakesOne.

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