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2020-2021 Communities In Schools Data Book

By Communities In Schools | June 8, 2022 Educational Equity

Our Data Book tells the story of another challenging year for our schools, students, families, and the communities we serve. The 2020-21 school year found us navigating virtual learning environments outside the 2,860 schools we support and the need to depend on technology not only for educating students but for maintaining relationships and creating new personal connections.

It was during this year that CIS was called on by educators to reach out into the communities of our 1.61 million students to help with healing, reconnecting, and reengaging in learning. More than 4,000 dedicated CIS professionals working across 117 organizations and licensed partnerships in 26 states and the District of Columbia showed up every day to ensure students physical, social, emotional, and academic needs were met. The most intensive supports were provided to 146,400 students and almost 300,000 parents/guardians most impacted by the pandemic.

About the Data
This Data Book provides an overview of CIS organization and licensed partner operations during the 2020-2021 school year. Data are reported on human resources, student demographics, student supports, and the achievement at schools and by students as evidence of CIS programming throughout the country. Data represent operations as reported by organizations through our annual data collection process. The sample size for each data point may vary based on available information.

Note: A revised version was uploaded on 5/16/23. 

Download   CIS_Databook_2020-21_REV 05.2023v.2.pdf

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