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Londyn: Finding Her Passion

Londyn: Finding Her Passion

By Communities In Schools | April 26, 2022 Graduation Life Skills

Although Londyn, a high school senior from northeastern North Carolina faced some struggles with attendance and grades early in her senior year, she was able to turn everything around by the end of the year with support from Ms. Nicole Boone, the Communities In Schools’ Student Support Specialist at her school. 

Ms. Boone explained the support services she could offer to Londyn and her mother, and soon began helping Londyn with her coursework and building rapport through frequent check-ins to increase her attendance at school. The improvement was quick.

By the end of her first semester, Londyn went from missing school most days to attending regularly. Her coursework improved as well. In math, Londyn went from a “D” average to an “A” average. 

Londyn, now succeeding in school, decided to give back to her community by assisting with the development of a toiletry drive for students and families at her school as a part of her school-based service hours.

Ms. Boone also connected Londyn with a local clothing store where she now works on the weekends. At the store, Londyn works alongside the owner and the experience has helped grow her interest in fashion and clothing design. She is learning about entrepreneurship first-hand, and what it takes to be a business owner.    

She continues to encourage and support Londyn, monitoring her attendance, coursework, and graduation requirements. She constantly goes above and beyond for all her students, helping them navigate school, tracking their progress, personalizing their interventions, and targeting strategies to meet their needs. Londyn is now on track to graduate in June. 

"Ms. Boone has helped me to complete my Occupational Studies portfolio and helped me get a job in retail that I like. After I graduate high school, I want to either enter into the National Guard or become a childcare worker," said Londyn.

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